How to score 8+ band in IELTS

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is used to access English level proficiency of non-native speakers as part of the admission process in European countries, Australia, New Zealand, etc. You might also need to write an IELTS as part of immigration-related processing or for your job eligibility. Considering this, there are three different modules of IELTS; Academic, General Training, IELTS Life Skills.

Though a score of 7 is considered good, score of 8 in IELTS will highlight your candidature and make your application even more appealing along with your other credentials.

For scoring 8 in IELTS, you would require to get around 90% of the questions correct for at least reading and listening. Each of the sections has 40 questions of which minimum 36 need to be answered correctly to bring your score to 8.

Build a good vocabulary
Good vocabulary is considered a good mark of proficiency in the English language. Reading and listening passages would require you to have an advanced level of vocabulary to understand complex passages and critical scenarios.

More you read through diverse articles and passages, the more you become strong with your vocabulary. Best way to improve your vocabulary is a practice through Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis. It has diverse topics to help you practice through every topic in English.

Find an exhaustive list of words that are expected from an expert English user in our Gradeway Prep IELTS study material for your preparation.

Improve your grammar
When you are attempting IELTS exam’s writing section, good vocabulary is sure to be handy to express your ideas and bring flow to your writing. However, sound understanding of grammar is what is needed to present your ideas in a well-thought-out and articulated manner. It is advised to practice writing in different sentence structures and proper use of punctuations to make your writing meaningful.

Practice understanding complex and lengthy passages by identifying the transitional phrases, opinion of the author if any.

In addition to having a wide range of vocabulary and grammatical skills, it’s your overall understanding of reading passages and the context into your listening section that would help you reach up with your marks to a score of 8. The main idea is to understand the entire topic to be able to answer questions correctly and coherently.

While you prepare for IELTS, it is advised to practice extensively, in order to improve speaking and writing skills, a well-organized way of presenting ideas, and good grammar to bring your score up to 8.

You can prepare with Gradewap Prep IELTS Mock Test, an online test to prepare you for the exam. Get feedback and suggestions to improve through every section of your English and it’s sure to improve your score with a dedicated study.

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