How to Crack GATE in 1st Attempt

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is one of the highly competitive exams to apply for admission into engineering and science master’s programs in India. Recently, public sector undertakings have been using it as part of the screening process for their entry level positions for engineering graduates.

Although, one of the most challenging exams to crack in the first attempt, but not entirely an impossible task.

To be able to clear the exam in the first attempt, a candidate must have a complete understanding of the exam, proper guidance, a positive attitude, and dedicated time for all the hard work that it demands.

Gradeway Prep takes you through all the steps that are sure to help you crack the exam in the first attempt;

  • Focus your studies through the prescribed GATE syllabus. Study through concepts and topics, which are most probably expected during the exam. This would help you plan your schedule and not be distracted by the vastness of engineering subjects.
  • Knowing the exam pattern and question type will help focus more on the preparation. Gradeway Prep offers a subject-wise practice test and Mock test series for its students to enable them enough practice with the exam pattern and questions.
  • Schedule your preparation; covering the entire engineering subjects is tedious work. Hence, making a smart plan for your complete study is very important.
  • Ample practice with previous year question papers and online test series will give you ideas on the questions that are usually asked, in a GATE exam. This will set your mind in a way to be able to work through the toughest questions within the limited time frame.
  • Making notes is one of the best practices to prepare through extensive and challenging exams like GATE. Shorter and precise notes help you retain more information and makes revision easy and fast.
  • Prepare with your textbooks as well as with online study materials for a wider understanding of the topics to be covered in GATE. Your standard textbooks would be more detailed and best for concept building, on the other hand, an online material would be crisp to give you information that is needed exactly in the exam.

In addition to all your self-preparation that is essential for the exam, Gradeway Prep brings you a well-structured study plan through its Online Live Classes and Mock test series prepared by its expert mentors through their years of experience.

Learn through their expert guidance on the smartest way to clear the GATE exam in your first attempt.

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