How to prepare for GMAT in 30 days

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is the basic eligibility criteria for admission in business programs. GMAT exam format requires analytical writing, problem-solving abilities, data sufficiency, logic and critical reasoning skills that are essential for a candidate aiming for management position.

Students appearing for GMAT can study at their own pace. A 3-6 months of study period is common among students facing the main exam. However, if you set a short timeline for yourself, with more concentration, dedication and time management, attaining a good score within 30 days of preparation is possible, all it takes is focus and better planning.

Gradeway Prep provides different modules for GMAT preparation and expert guidance to prep you up within a short timeline.

Follow below simple study strategies to crack GMAT;

Study everyday
Start with the basic yet complete understanding of exam format, syllabus, and scoring method involved in every section.

Candidates should study every day of the one month of preparation in hand. There are several ways to include GMAT preparation in your busy day schedule, like reading for few hours in the morning, allotting time to listen to eBooks while traveling or short intervals of quick problem solving throughout the day.

Work on your weak topics
Test yourself in a complete exam to figure out the weak areas. This allows you to identify topics that you might be out of practice for some time and need more focus to revise.

Everyone has some topics which are easier for them and some which are difficult. With enough practice, it’s possible to get in command of your weak subjects.

Short intervals of dedicated study
When you have a short timeline for the exam, it is bound to build pressure and burnout. Hence, plan your study schedule with desired breaks. Aim for shorter but focused hours of study throughout the day instead of consequent long hours dedicated to each question type or topic.

Although, 30 days of GMAT preparation requires a lot of smart work and dedication, it’s extremely rewarding in the end to apply to your dream school with the best scores.

Work on your mistakes
Needless to say, working on your mistakes is essential to move forward in your preparation and avoid faltering on the exam day.

A test every week
Sitting through the real exam involves challenges in tackling every question with the timer ticking. It is best to take one or two complete tests every week to work through this exam fatigue that needs to be managed in a time-bound manner.

At times it does get too much through the vastness of the syllabus, however, practice makes it rather easy.

You also have Gradeway’s support team by your side through any module of the exam. You can expect prompt feedback, rectification of your mistakes, and the best way to handle your studies through the tight schedule from our mentors.

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