How to prepare for GRE in 30 days

Preparing for any exam starts with a thorough understanding of exam pattern, syllabus and marking criteria for a focused study plan. The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) tests verbal, quantitative and analytical knowledge of candidates.

Along with this basic exam understanding, it is important to test yourself in areas of self-improvement for a fast track study plan. Once you’re aware of topics that need more practice, working out a strategy to prepare in 30 days becomes quite easy.

Verbal Section
Understanding complex reading passages, attempting sentence completion and answer questions around critical reasoning form part of Verbal Section. With Gradeway’s study material, you get to practice various comprehension passages that make you aware of a thousand different words and its different contextual usage.

Quantitative Section
Gradeway Prep helps you build a flair in core areas of mathematics by simplifying complex topics, ease the steps to follow while handling questions when being time bound. Regular study and weekly practices are highly recommended. Scoring 160+ becomes easy with more revision.

Analytical Writing Section
This section requires you to write two essays by presenting your opinion on an issue or your ideas on an argument. The essays are usually selected from a pool of questions that Educational Testing Services maintain on their website for students to practice from.

Maximum practice helps achieving a clear understanding to structure ideas for a well thought out essay. Our mentors will guide you with constant feedback which certainly helps scoring a 5/6 in this section.

How to score 320+ in GRE
• Regular study
With just under 30 days to prepare, regular studying is the key. Chart out your plan to include everything along with learning long-forgotten topics, revisions and practice tests.

Preparing for GRE in 30 days is achievable, with our meticulously planned online course for GRE preparation module prepared by the expert mentors.

• Greater work on weak areas
Focus more on topics you are weak on, from the very beginning. These take more time to brush up on and bring to a point where you can work through each question within a strict time frame.

• Divide your study time
Pressure is understandably high to prepare through a vast syllabus. Hence, avoid distractions/nervousness by dividing study time through the day with different question modules, instead of reading through all difficult topics at once.

• Take a test every week
Regular practice is the greatest tool to crack the exam. GRE being a computer adaptive test model, it is all the more important to practice as much as possible. Taking two complete tests every week until the main exam is highly recommended.

Gradeway Prep offers GRE Mock Test series (complete simulation of the actual exam) to give you a first-hand understanding of the exam. Expect personalized feedback for each test that you take with us.

Set your GRE journey with Gradeway Prep and find yourself seamlessly achieving your dreams.

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