About us

Imagination is Human Intelligence having Fun - Albert Einstein

Education creates vision. It moulds an individual to understand facts and liberates one’s mind to believe in achieving the unachievable. Education, whether formal or through the experience, becomes a necessity for both - the ability to dream and realisation of those dreams.

A Premier college campus helps individuals to establish ethos, principles and formalised environments for creating and achieving their goals. At Gradeway Prep, our vision is to help students get the best guidance to realise their true potential and the most economical training to appear for Entrance Exams.

Created by an experienced team who are leading top educational institutions with more than 20 years of experience in guiding students in various subjects. The module involves inception of concepts , thorough understanding through examples and handouts and continuous testing of the comprehension of these concepts. Time efficient preparation, our preparation is tailored towards busy professionals and college students. We will teach you what you need to know in the least amount of time.

We also have a mentorship program wherein we provide students with career counseling, training for placements in colleges and helping individuals gain confidence in their proclivities and virtues.

At Gradeway Prep, we believe in interactive learning making studies fun but maintain a high level of professionalism and service standards. So if you don’t believe in settling for the second best, Gradeway Prep is your ticket to the best campus and a successful career.

What is different about GradeWay Prep?

Experts in the field

Our contributors to the courses consist of personalities who are leading top educational institutions with more than 20 years of experience in guiding students in various subjects.

Strategy Makers

Nothing can be conquered, without an effective strategy, not even an exam! Our experts have designed the courses in a result-driven format with tips that work to achieve the highest in the exam.

Choose your way

Live online courses, self- preparation video courses, or a Mock Test online. Choose what works for you. Every format has been designed for you to crack the exam with ease.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring quality learning to every student that leads them to achieve a breakthrough in their career.

Our Vision

Our vision inspires us to take leverage of technology to create an online learning platform for every student on their journey to higher education.