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Kick-start your GRE, IELTS and GMAT Preparation with Gradeway, today!

Gradeway Prep is a predominant online GRE and IELTS preparation course that affords highly personalized training based on the unique skill levels, learning techniques and daily schedules of the students.

Gradeway Prep’s GRE and IELTS online coaching comes with a powerful combination of expert personal trainers who bring unique learning techniques and live web classes that walk you right into every section of the exam and help you achieve a higher GRE & IELTS score from being home.

Why gradewayprep ?

When it comes to cracking national and international level exams, Gradeway Prep imparts students’ with the knowledge that is guided by experts and eminent personalities from diverse backgrounds who hold hands-on experience in their respective fields.

To ensure every learner gets the best international admits, our online GRE training institute offers you a one-stop solution for Engaging Tutorials, Hints, Study Material, Recorded Lectures, Learning Resources & More. Our rigorous training will help students nurture their interest and build confidence which will inevitably help them achieve the most favourable results.

  • Choose Online access to your lessons with flexibility of device, desktop or mobile.
  • Complete simulation of the actual exam for better practice.
  • Customize your lessons to have a flexible study plan.
  • Up-to-date study materials.

Curriculum designed for top scores

Gradeway Prep is solely focused on students seeking top scores, unlike many test prep companies that address the mass market. Gradeway Prep programs focus on enabling students to understand the content in-depth rather than a download of voluminous basic knowledge interspersed with tricks.

Time efficient preparation, our preparation is tailored towards busy professionals. We will teach you what you need to know in the least amount of time.

What is different about GradeWay Prep?

Experts in the field

Our contributors to the courses consist of personalities who are leading top educational institutions with more than 20 years of experience in guiding students in various subjects.

Strategy Makers

Nothing can be conquered, without an effective strategy, not even an exam! Our experts have designed the courses in a result-driven format with tips that work to achieve the highest in the exam.

Choose your way

Live online courses, self- preparation video courses, or a Mock Test online. Choose what works for you. Every format has been designed for you to crack the exam with ease.

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