Importance of Taking GRE for your Master's and PhD degree

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Pursuing a Master's degree abroad will be one of the most exciting experiences that influence your personal and professional life since it gives you tremendous opportunities to pursue a successful career. However, since graduate schools' application process varies by country, certain important commonalities need to be concentrated.

You may have noticed the phrase "This programme accepts GRE® scores" while scrolling on some of the MastersMBA and Ph.D. programmes you wish to apply to. There's no surprise in that since the GRE score is valued across 160 countries worldwide. Basically, everywhere!

 When people speak about GRE, they also refer to the GRE General Test, a standardized examination practiced by many universities and graduate schools worldwide as a component of the graduate admissions process. For anyone questioning "should I take the GRE?", read this write-up to discover what exactly is GRE and who takes it

What is GRE and why is it important?

The GRE is formed and regulated by (Educational Testing Service) ETS to equip graduate and business academies with standard patterns for comparing applicants' abilities and willingness to get into graduate-level academic work.

Graduate Record Examination, or GRE, is a fundamental exam required to step into the graduate or business university. The GRE comes in a computer-based, multiple-choice, regulated exam usually expected for the post-graduate, business programs (MBA) and PhD programs admission processes globally.

Online GRE examination is conducted on all working days in a year, and one can attempt the GRE as many times as they prefer. The majority of global universities accept GRE scores to rank a student’s potential.

Why should you take the GRE?

Suppose you have planned to enter international graduate or business schools. In that case, you should take the GRE examination since it is a crucial key to use in the admission processes, including master’s, MBA, Juris Doctor or a doctoral degree.

Admission and fellowship committees will look into your GRE score following your other distinctions before deciding on your eligibility, and it includes your undergraduate records and recommendation letters.

GRE is an excellent selection for you since it was accepted widely by top universities and institutes in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. Besides that, you can even register for scholarships and fellowship programs with your GRE score.

What's a good GRE score?

The first thing you have to know before writing GRE is that there's no PassMark in the GRE examination. Yes, you heard it right! You can't pass or fail in GRE. However, a successful GRE score depends on the school you're aiming for. Therefore, you have to figure out the average GRE score needed to get into your targeted college. On that basis, you can determine – what's a good GRE score for you.

However, if you want to know a distinct score that stacks up against all other test-takers, it must be somewhere between 130-170 scale in each section. Likewise, for subject-based examination, the average GRE score for physics is 714, Biology is 665, literature in English is 542, chemistry is 689, mathematics is 664, and psychology is 619. Thus, anything above the average subject score can be called a better GRE score.

Apart from that, an excellent GRE score will also benefit you to qualify for fellowships and scholarships, especially university-wide.

GRE Test Content

GRE is a computer-controlled examination covering question categories that closely resemble the mindset and skills we have to excel in today's demanding graduate school programs, including business and law.

The GRE Examination questions are formulated in an excellent way to skip the questions in a section, go back and edit the answer. You will also get the flexibility to decide which questions you would like to answer first in a section.

The General GRE Examination covers your verbal reasoning, critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing skills. The above skills have progressed over a long time and are not associated with a specific field of study but are essential for all.

What is the Test Pattern for GRE?

In August 2011, the GRE test pattern underwent a significant change. ETS has brought down the total score for the General Test to 340 from 1600.

Two primary GRE streams:

  • GRE General Test
  • GRE Subject Test

General GRE test comprises:

  • Verbal reasoning skills
  • Quantitative reasoning skills
  • Analytical writing skills

GRE Subject Test comprises:

  • Based on the subject you have chosen for higher education.
  • Required for selective programs provided by particular universities.
  • You can select from 8 unique fields of study.

What's Next?

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